I Said I’d Make a Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

This is an old verse I found on my computer, from when the economy first crashed in 2008 and the extent of corruption became apparent. I think in hindsight, it would take more than a voodoo doll to sort out this crooked lot, and its an insult to voodoo dolls, which compared to our politicians and bankers, have feelings too!

I said I’d make a voodoo doll
Of a banker, and of the Taoiseach too
And pierce it well with many pins
And smash its head in two!

For if we could get rid of the rich men
Who work only for their own kind
Our little country – indeed the world
As a better place it, it would find.

Usury is condemned in the Bible
Once upon a time we read and believed in what we saw
Now we suffer for making finance dance to the laws of Satan
Flying in the face of Gods Law

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