I Had No Time Old Clocks to See

While walking in Prague way back in 2009 or so, I saw an old clock shop that I wanted to visit but was in a hurry to somewhere else before it closed. Should I be in Prague again, I do intend to visit it. The latest of my reposted poems…

I had no time old clocks to see
In a hurry I could not stop
Even though to do so I desired
And enter the old clock shop
And browse the shelves of dials and watches
And stroll within its ticking stock
For I love old watches and timepieces
And their soft and strong ticks and tock.

But I had no time to see
The inside of the old clock shop there
For Prague had too much else to occupy me
And to myself I did swear
That if ever in Prague I have the time
That old clock shop I will drop by
And among the ticks and the tocks
I shall browse and watch time fly

And hands shoot round faces fast and slow
And others unwound don’t tick at all
I will be like a mechanic in a car factory
Or like a dancer at a ball
And I declare in a day to come
Should I with time, and in Prague be
I shall send a little time
In that clock shop just passed there by me.

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