I As Solomon, Seek My Shulem Maiden

Where art thou gone, maiden fair
That I as mine desired to be
But I was as the army last time we met
And fair as the moon, you looked at me

Before leaving, and I you departing saw
Went down the garden of life, where planted in my heart
To see what had bloomed, were they as I thought they’d be
While those chariots of Amminadib brought us apart

I stayed when I was, who had not traveled
Though I have since stood on a Shulem Isle
So near and yet so far from thee
As I remember a blossoming smile

Oh, sing an elegy for Cupid shot down
By a passing anger, and an armies frown!

::: Based on song of Solomon, Chapter 6.
::: As the army, wicked humoured, angry, in destructive mood
::: Chariots of Amminadib are legendary fast chariots.
::: Shulem, Solomon’s desired was from Shulem, hence her land.
::: Shulem Isle, an island off of her land, ie Sardinia.

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