Hunger In a Land of Plenty

There was hunger in a land of plenty
When the troops came for the grain
To feed others, in a distant land
Left to die those that remain
Who feed all bar their own
Their children left to die
Their neighbour like a parasite
And the famine they did deny

This was Ukraine… and so too Ireland
One hundred years before
Where England lived off Irish food
Where there was food for its people and more
And a million Irish died
And of the bereft
To make a living they could not
So their native land they left.

Ireland… Ukraine… so far apart
A shared history they are one
And for the moment the parasite
From their lands have gone.
What land will it be next time?
Who to sponge from their weaker neighbour will choose?
And to clear their name and hide their shame
Will blame the Germans, or the Jews…

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