How the Clan Eoghanacht Got Their Name

From the sea they came open, not sneaking by stealth
And they came for to parley, fosterage for wealth
As silver was spied, and its wealth was understood
And greed it brings war and also spilling of blood
And so a son was given, so they’d not be harmed
Or for harm to cause their hosts, who by him were charmed
Was given three forts, within each a prophet dwell
One called Fithecc, as were the other three as well
There they lived neath the setting and the rising sun
Stars danced the skies and maidens hearts were lost and won
Until our friend bid one of the prophets to say
What was to unfold in times after that day
What the future that was to come for them did hold
And an identical story by the others was told…
A famine great was to strike in a mere three years
The silver must be sold to keep away grief’s tears
And to buy much food the people hungry for to feed
Coming times are to be tough, great is the need
And this came to be and as the famine took hold
Irish chiefs with armies strong came by force to hold
A truce of just three days not to fight he did seek
After which they could not attack, them being too weak
Then the nobles he brought inside to a great feast
The multitudes were fed with grain and slain beast
In thanks they then made his son Alill as their king
Praises of the generosity they did sing
The name Eoghanacht was given as they did feed
The name it meant the Family of the Good Deed.

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