Hope is a Horse Fair in Banagher

Our old house, Babser Hynses on the right, is boarded up now. But at least its not torn down, as the developers who are selling it wanted to do. It needs someone with vision, know how, and a few quid to bring it back to its former glory. It has seen a few horse fairs, may it see many more!

Some had horses and donkeys
Someone had a pony
There was yarns and stories
Some spoke baloney…
Some bargained and deals struck
More walked away
The craic and the story
Of Banagher Fair Day

COVID was present
In the back of the mind:
Ways to make all comfortable
Everyone did find.
It was like the old days
Folk from all sorts of places
The length of the island,
But some missing faces…

These have been strange times
An odd couple of years,
But now we venture out
Face down our fears
We will talk of these times
In days yet to be
When we were happy again
Each other to see.

Hope is a fair day
When friends we meet
To banter and bargain
On Banagher’s Main Street.
Babser’s windows are boarded up (1)
Like many in town
But at least the developers gave up
On pulling it down.

Outside its walls and its windows
For two hundred years or more
Horses each year have been traded:
Be be for at least as much more.
Through world wars and rebellions
Civil wars, strife and plagues too
The chain of history, hope and future
Shines strong and shines true!

(1) Babser Hynes is the house I grew up in. There was plans to demolish it, thankfully they didnt come true!

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