“Home Made” explores concept of home for Longford Writers Group

The Longford Writers Group – featuring yours truly – launched their anthology of poems and stories in Longford Library, to the musical accompaniment of Bernie on the keyboard, and Valerie on vocals. The anthology explored the concept of home, as it is known to each of us, and a contribution was given to “Simon” charity, helping those who have no place to call home.

Launch of "Home Made" - the anthology of Longford Writers Group
Launch of “Home Made” – the anthology of Longford Writers Group

Readings of pieces or extracts of same was given, and a very informative talk on the projects that Simon Community carry on in the midlands of Ireland, doing their bit to fight homelessness.

Lillian, a victim of tribal warfare gave her take on the experience that made her flee to Ireland, which would make one grateful for our little island for all its problems.

A lovely verse based on a line from a verse of “Leo” – the poet Keegan Casey – was read along with other pieces exploring what home is to different people. Home is community, one piece went, and is personal, based on sharing, not the virtual connections of todays online world… another reflection from Damien McManus explored the concept that to be at peace and part of the community we must be first at peace with ourselves.

In a few words it touched well on the issues of social isolation as it is today.

I myself read a piece of mine “Folk of the Land of the Whin“, giving a nostalgic take on what it is for us to be Longford folk, though growing up and living far from our native county.

Indeed, fellow North Longford man Michael Carrigy was on hand to launch the night, which featured an art exhibition launch as well.

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