Hens Plan a Holiday in Scotland

"Farmard Chickens" by Edgar Hunt 1876-1955 dated to the 1920s
“Farmard Chickens” by Edgar Hunt 1876-1955 dated to the 1920s

“Thats a hens journey to Scotland”
~ North Longford saying (proverb) Irish Folklore Commission

The hens had heard by fluttering word
To Scotland for a holiday they should go
Told by the geese who once were there
They had traveled far and would know.
The morning to set out was planned
To roost on their perches they set
For all their plans they are but hens
They are in Ireland yet!

The morning came as mornings do
The morning came dry and bright
It is a good day to Scotland to go
Whether by foot or by flight.
But first the food the hens being hens must eat
Its a journey long to travel
The hens went scratching as hens like to do
The plans started to unravel.

The noon day sun set high in the sky
The sun set that evening at dusk fell
They planned next morning the journey to make
All who would listen in the farmyard they would tell.
So this routine went on for days
Till forgotten the idea had been
That’s why the industrious goose, though a bird, saw the world
The distracted hen never out from the farmyard has been!

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