Heaven Taught Ploughman

“A heaven taught ploughman” – Henry McKenzie speaking of Robert Burns.

Detail from Georges Philibert Charles Maroniez's painting "The Ploughman"
Detail from Georges Philibert Charles Maroniez’s painting “The Ploughman”

He learned much with plough in field
Beast snorting, as ever he did in school,
For heaven is where the heart is happy
Though all the world call a man a fool.
No fool was he, and none thought so:
Rather all acclaimed him, andbecause
Of words of others, the fickle few, he changed
And becuase he changed, he was…

Fault him not, for all men are such fools
Because of what about them is said
Some think themselves above their station
More tragic below, and the most tragic: dead…
We are all be Heaven taught
If we listen to nature around
School it is, every day of our life
That a lesson from can be found.

So, he the scholar with open eyes
A willing heart and attentive ears
Never stop learning on lifes instructions
Through our joys and through our fears..

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