He Shall Not Prevail

A man, a maniac had a vision
In which he ultimately did fail
For as it was promised in Daniel
He who lifts multitudes shall not prevail
Though he seeks to cast down tens of thousands
Whose worship exalts his heart
He shall find he has less at the end
That he and his land possessed at the start.

And he shall meet his vengeful God
And the judgment on him shall be
That those who oppressed the least of men
Did the same to God, and angered He
Shall cast the man into the flames
Of Hell, with his multitudes uplifted
To have an exalted heart there for all eternity
And salvation to those he cast down shall be gifted.

Predicted in Daniel it proved to be
Hitler rose, and lifted multitudes of a nation
Promised them Empire, Glory and God
And for the Jews he planned annihilation
And the Gypsies, and all others
Who from the earth he wished to cast
That would be ruled by his Reich
That for a thousand years would last.

His heart, how it was exalted
As he fierce speeches to his nation he made
To be strong, and build their empire
Wipe out the Jews, be not afraid
And they replied “Heil, Hiel” to him
And marched by lights under banners in formation
And exalted heart in his breast swelled
As he saw the glory of his nation.

And he cast down tens of thousands
For he decreed die they should
For they were not of Aryan stock
And so bore in their veins the wrong blood.
By Gas Van, by shooting squads, by gas chamber
To their deaths the condemned went
But God was with them in their final hours
A worse fate waits for those who them to their deaths sent

And they did not prevail
He who lifted multitudes with his lovely voice
Saw his own sent down, his Reich in ruins
And himself he felt he had no choice
But die, and he met his maker
And the glorious finale let us tell
Jew and gypsy both prosper
While he and his roast in Hell.

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