Hatred in the Heart of Olde England

Once again Dale Farm is in the news, where Irish Travellers implemented a plan by John Major, ex Tory PM of the UK, to objections by locals. While a stroke was pulled on the planning laws, there was no point applying normally as the locals would object. The tragedy is that at home in Ireland, the reaction is little different, though matters have improved greatly since the 1960’s.

A just grievance is that locals cant build on their own land, so why should Travellers? Locals should applaud the Travellers – building WITHOUT council assistance, not being a drain on the state – and demand they are allowed to build on their own land too.

Its a basic human right. The poem below is not about Dale Farm itself, but another village outside Birmingham, the issue is the same.

Here is a poem inspired by a hate article in the Daily Mail. There is a couple of spoonerisms throughout the poem, alas!!! Such happens when your tied for time!!!

The article:


We are all familiar with the “issue” of Irish Travellers camping by the roadside.

Property values to crime rates to road safety has been cited as reasons to keep them moving.

Of late they have tried to meet society half way, buy building their own – not at the expense of the council – caravan sites, only for their efforts to be thwarted by residents.

No English landlord asked planning permission from Irish tenants which their army stole the land from before they built their grand townhouses, in which the Irish plebs live in apartments today.

No gypsy encampment forced the natives into an inhospitable province that could not support its existing population.

But thats what the English done in Ireland.

And Cromwells actions is the origion of the majority of the Irish Traveller population.

The narrow minded villagers may win in this world, but when they die they will be told that while alive, they met Jesus.

He was an Irish Traveller, who bought his own land to build a campsite, and the villagers turned him away.

They will ask: “When was this, Lord”

He will say, in May 2010, I was one of those gypsies, I was all of those gypsies.

And they will say: “But they were only gypsies. We didn’t do that to you!

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