They fled in terror as from the sky…
Rained death, and wondered why
And how the world to this had come
As the Luftwaffe they saw
That from Germany had come
In the words first Shock and Awe…
And as the world seen its sort again
As America invaded Iraq,
I wondered then
What would come after when
They knew how well their army faught
And tonight I sit with pen
Wondering what to write I ought…
It is not for good they fight, though they say
They fight for good in this way
It is like again we live the day
Except Guerencia was Bagdad
And it was Americas planes that came to play
And destroy everything the Iraqis had…
Guernica, now just a name
A city, a picture, is it to this has came
A peoples suffering?
If so the shame Is ours, or then again maybe not
For to be remembered so then is the same
For the story and message wont be forgot?

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