Green Lights of Hope in Windows Burn

Green Candle Campaign Ireland
Green lights of hope in windows burn,
As folk fight to save their homes,
From faceless corporations and banks,
Not conquering nations, kings on thrones.

We do not see the Peelers there
They stand not by the Union Jack
But the Gardai take their place…
The Eviction Squads are back.

For the sake of mere profit
They show no mercy, do not relax,
Give no change to a people struggling,
To pay a bank supported by their tax.

But around the nation, around the world
Green candles will be shown
In solidarity with those who struggle
To keep the house all men should own.

No more the British landlords
Own the land, of this we are glad
But banks are faceless shameless corporations,
Their Bailiffs and Garda protectors are as bad!

Seamus Sherlock

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