Grateful to Vaccines

We today live no longer in fear,
Of measles or the whooping cough,
The mumps or chickenpox
Because of vaccines at which some folk scoff,
With weird wild tales and gossip driven,
By an agenda to spread fear
Or by some who think they are seen as stupid
So as clever try to appear…

In their world north is south
Cold is hot and in is out…
You cannot teach Gaelic to a goose:
Just let it waddle about…
It has no use for Gaelic
But unlike anti vax fools it has sense…
The birdbrains will chatter on regardless
Their portrayed cleverness shows they’re dense.

Us? To them we are the “sheeple”,
Whose folk defeated Nazism before
While their support gives life and worth
To a rise of the hard right once more.


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