God Was Drunk on Porter

Drinking in a back street bar
On the wrong side of town
Swaying on a bar stool
Gulping his drink down
Shouting obscenities and singing
And guffawing loud
He was despised and ignored
By the soberer crowd.

He grabbed a girl of eighteen
And showered her with kisses
Told her he was married
But that the loving he misses
For they are now in separate rooms
And the clever girl let him think
He was in with a chance of some romance
So he kept buying her drink

And in time she got away
And went to another bar down the street
Now drunk on Gods free beer
Her boyfriend and pals to meet
And God sat despondent
As another drunk started into a song
As God looked after the girl
And wondered what he done wrong.

And in time that girl became a woman
And in time became old
And in time passed to the other side
And of her sins was told
And God asked her did she remember
Meeting him in a bar when drunk on beer
And how she led him on
By being willing, looked to appear.

And she said: God: you do not drink…
Not an alcoholic are you at all
That was just a loser
A water him she did call
And God her at one admonished
And delivered the judgement said he:
What you do to the least of mine…
That you do onto me!

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