God Save Us From The Preachers

Sometimes, men of the cloth with wicked words, spread hate and so are agents of evil… the latest of the old poems restored to the website…

 width=The preachers came to town
Once a year or so
And from church to church in the parish
To save souls they would go.
They called themselves the mission
We called them other names not to their face
They told us the evils of other faiths
And of our churches sole grace
How only through ours we could have salvation
To frequent others was a sin
And explained how our god, who is everywhere
In another church was not found within.

And in those other churches, their preachers came
And told their faithful the same
And the message they sent home
Was of hatred of the Church of Rome
And today Imams preach in mosques about the Jew
As Hitler did, and teach their flock to hate me and you
For it is true, to their flock they tell
God hates us all who don’t believe, the infidel.

Satan speaks, but him we do not see
Through these preachers of hate to you and me
We are responsible for our actions if we believe
The worlds of the One who does Deceive.
God, save us from the Preachers who spread hate
Let us love, not listen to preachers, and as Children of God be great.

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