God Called Me: “George!”

Bush: God told me to invade Iraq

President ‘revealed reasons for war in private meeting’
By Rupert Cornwell
7 October 2005

President George Bush has claimed he was told by God to invade Iraq and attack Osama bin Laden’s stronghold of Afghanistan as part of a divine mission to bring peace to the Middle East, security for Israel, and a
state for the Palestinians.

The President made the assertion during his first meeting with Palestinian leaders in June 2003, according to a BBC series which will be broadcast this month.

God told me to… and I did it
Words I heard from my TV
As I gasped unbelieving
I asked: can this BE?

“God told me to free Afghanistan,
And that is what I done,
God told me to topple Saddam,
And now that war is won”

” There will be a state of Palestine
Just you wait and see
I will do it like the rest
Because to do it God told me!”

This mans fingers on the nuclear button
He claims God talks to him
God help us all if he tips out on drugs
Or decides to try out how it works on a whim!

If that was you or I who said
I done something because God said so,
Claimed God to you directly was talking
Off to Bedlam you’d go…

But not in America
Not to hospital he is sent
It seems the Yanks are Grateful
Gods talks to THEIR president!

The mother of all gobshites
Who claims God calls him George
And who on liquor guzzles like a tank
And on pretzels gorge…

God bless America
Who by name its president does call
God bless your best friend George Bush
And God help us all!

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