God Being Stupid Needs Our Help

A Jewish guide in the Pinkas synagogue tells a story that the Star of David is not a Jewish one at all but invented by Christians to carve into headstones so that God would know to save only those with crosses on their headstones.

Graves in the grounds of the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague
Graves in the grounds of the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague

A story to other visitors told
That the Star of David is not really a symbol of the Jews
Captured by attention on the spot
So I listened to the story that my sense of history did confuse

Apparently in days gone by
When their faith they had to change
Convert or die it was the rule
That today seems so strange
So many did, and baptised were
But when they died their soul God would not save
As they were not baptised at Birth
Those that were had on their grave
Carved a cross, so that on Judgment day
Those to be saved got would know
For when he looked on their headstones
A cross there carved would show.

And someone thinking cleverly
To thwart the Jews they tried
Said they would carve crosses on their dead’s graves
So they’d be saved when they died
And God been stupid needed their help
So that in this they could not succeed
Oh those pesky Jews, always underhand
Yes, they would do such a deed!

And so stars of David they were carved
Upon the Jewish gravestones
So that the damned lay there, ‘twould be known
These were a Jews bones
For you can always change your faith
That or die you must do
And your faith can be great as a Catholic
But your always a Jew.

God for such men must be thankful
When will there be their likes again
Men good who will help their stupid God
To distinguish baptised born men.
The truth in the story I do not know
I heard it related to a man and a woman old
In the Pinkas synagogue courtyard
By a youngish American told.

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