Glam Dicenn on Daesh

May the strength that they seek elude them
As they are blind to the faith they profess
The glory sought be thwarted: their names forgotten
Those who seek to be great, may they be less.

May they be known for what they are: but mere cowards
Slaves to their nafs within
Shown to be ignorant of the faith they claim to preach and know
Be shown not to be pure of, but represent sin.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing
The most dangerous sin is pride
Coupled together they lead to disdain for fellow man
Murder comes from the hate grown inside.

They claim to be a steeds of faith running life’s race
To be Gods Warriors, the holy class:
Let this glam diceann from a mere Irish bard
Tell the world the followers of the Fáith are but the kick of an ass.

Glossary –

glam dicenn – satire in Irish gaelic tradition, said to raise boils on the faces of the satired
fáith – prophet. Daesh – ISIS hate to be called that, so that’s what we will call them, do their works of evil in the name of the Prophet Mohammad.
“blind to the faith they profess” – Islam states folk of the lower nafs – uneducated common folk – can only be expected to keep to not committing shirk – denial of God – an little more, but they seek to make the most common be the most pure in Islam as they see it, flying in the face of their own faith they profess. Insomuch, theologically, they are but fools who profess to be wise men.


Why ISIS hate being called Daesh (Mirror newspaper)

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