Give to Me a Bawdy and Loud Lady

Give to me a bawdy and loud lady
One who dances, swears and sings
Who loves my friends the more for their quirks
Who to all faces a smile brings.P
Who sheds her tears without decorum
Who is not afraid to hug
Who changes her man for the better
Him choosing to change not being a mug.
Who loves him as he loves her
Not being afraidto love or to fight
Loves his friends family for all their faults
For none is so rude as the girl polite
Who looks the part with winning smile
Character on first sight true and warm
But with the wicked word against all in private
That stings more than wasps in angry swarm
To lose all because of her Id hate
Who brought me in life this far
Give to me a bawdy and loud lady
Who loves me and mine for who we are!

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