Give Stonehenge Back to the Irish!

Stonehenge is to be renamed BallyStonehenge as its actually from Westmeath
Stonehenge is to be renamed BallyStonehenge as its actually from Westmeath…

In the dark and distant past
From where memories but hazy last
– And vary in the telling –
Some truthful as to them were told
More as full of lies as to the teller was sold
– Such is history!

Magical stones from Africa brought to Ireland
To Uisneach by Giants who sought a monument grand
– and some say this at all is not so –
Merlin himself: to remember his heroes dead (1)
Took them by magic when force failed by some it’s said:
Sure, we will never know!

More say a woman more cunning than civil,
Tried to do a deal to sell the Giants Ring to the devil:
The conwoman ended up being conned!
The devil he always wins
If man is holy or man sins…
He will claim his bounty and bond!

We want our six counties back
Some chance of that alas alack
– Though some see hope where there is none –
Maybe too be aught to right
For Stonehenge it is Irish by right
From Westmeath came each stone! (2)

But there is something we can do
Stake our claim that’s bold and true
Though (like most politics!) based on a mere story! –
Rename Salisbury Plane in Revenge
As Maigh Stonehenge! (3)
– Claim it as our 33rd County!

(1) One legend states the stones of Stonehenge came from Killare in Westmeath, the Hill of Uisneach. When Merlins army failed to take them by force, he took them by majic, wanting “The Giants Ring” to make a monument to an army of his that died in battle.

(2) Another legend says a Westmeath woman sold them to the devil.

Which is true? We will never know. But we may make a few quid from the story from the Americans!

(3) Play on My Stonehenge… Maigh means “plain” in Irish also

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