Gardener Philosophers Discuss Gardens of God

Ive never been the best of gardeners... and yet may be the best of all, for who are we to change the plans of nature?
Ive never been the best of gardeners… and yet may be the best of all, for who are we to change the plans of nature?

Gardeners two, to each other spoke, over the garden wall,
One whose garden was lovely and neat, the other bare attended at all.
Which one was the better, they debated hard and long,
The neat one claimed his was better, the other bade him that no, he was wrong.
The neat gardener he said cleanliness next to Godliness it was:
His garden was clean, he was no sloth, because
Of that, he and his garden was more in Gods plan…
Still contradicted he was by the other man…
“To be Godlike is to do as God does”, said he
On that point the both men did agree,
To change or fault what God would do,
Is ungodly – on that point they agreed too.
And if you don’t serve God, you serve the Devils will
Stated the untidy gardener, and waited until
The tidy gardener said please explain,
Or baffled at your thinking I will remain.

The sight and plans of man are not of God,
The cut lawn and the ploughed sod
That looks to clean and tidy to the human Eye
Is lot the plan of God what pleases us, it does deny
The plan of God… it was He who planted the weeds,
Look everywhere at Gods plans and deeds:
They are where man has not farmed,
Built upon, polluted, or otherwise harmed…

The gardeners, friends, smiled and parted,
The tidy gardener heavy hearted,
The untidy gardener light hearted inside,
The tidy gardener recognised the sin of pride,
Understood why in his trees few birds would nest,
His neighbours, teeming, was tended the best,
By being left to the tender green fingers of God,
Who unseen and allseeing, agreed with a nod!!!

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