Flying a Drone in Merlin Woods

Flying a drone in the Merlin Woods in Galway today, I thought of when I watched the movie “Eye in the Sky” a few weeks back and how folk fear drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan and such places…

Perfect weather for flying
Little wind, warm sun, not too many passers by
Like a child with a toy, I with a drone
In heaven there am I.

Passing strangers looked bemused at me
– No doubt because of my total lack of control! –
But this is summer and this is life
This is what makes life whole.

The snarl in the summer skies
Is to get more common in the coming years
Soon common like the computer it will be
That so rare now in the sky appears.

As I pack up the drone to go home
The batteries now ran flat
I think of those who live in fear of drones
Am saddened because of that.

Why is it all that we enjoy
From the exotic drone to the humble plane
Has to be used for evil before for good
Thats mans priorities, they are insane.

But there is little I can do for them
As I fly my little drone there
In Merlin Woods on a summers evening
Bar think of them, and say a silent prayer.

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