Fishermens Tales

Writing a love letter

Castiglione’s advise on this, well known to Yeats, was literally taken to heart. The courtier must create an image of the beloved in his “his imagination as an abstraction distinct from any material form, and thus … enjoy it there always … without fear of ever losing it.” (Source >>>)

What is it about poets
As we call ourselves
Who write of love we never got
As we never tried
Or tried where we knew there was no hope
Against reason
By compulsion?

We write of the beloved
Who did not want to know
About love
Or our type of love anyway.

We tell in verse to others
Of the one who got away
Who was never on the hook
Or nibbled it
As haughtily she swam by
Too clearly in the murky water seeing
The fisherman above with his awkward grin
He is no hunter
He is no fisherman
Who captures more on paper than in the net.

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