First Day at School

Our house is the grey gable with the two windos next to the school...
Our house is the grey gable with the two windows next to the school…

I can’t remember my first day at school in Saint Rynaghs in Banagher (of the famed Annual Horse Fair). So when folk asked to get a rise out of them I came up with the following story – the amount of folk who thought it was true always makes me smile! So I thought Id make a rhyme out of it…

When I was a young boy
I started into school
The teacher asked me my name
I looked at her like a fool

Is it Tommy, is it Tomsheen?
I looked at her like a gomb
Is it Thomas, is it Thos
Is it Tomeen or is it Tom ?

I answered not, so then she said
What does your mother normally call ya
Without a blink, not wanting to tell a lie
I answered… “Ya little bastard ya!”

We lived next door to the school. All the schoolkids gathered outside our house to wait for the bus. Now the following IS a true story… how we had to talk our way out of explaining how and why us Cartys had a front door right inside the front door of our house!!!!

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