Fighters Not For An Empire Growing

Groups of folk, guarded by laws
Written to benefit them by their own kind
Pillage and plunder, and tear asunder
History and heritage, profits to find.

But there are people, who worship not their God
Who will stand the Graves of the Ancients safe to keep
In the face of pressure of progress and profits
They stand up to the corporates like dogs guarding sheep!

From the wolves whose fangs seek to tear at the flesh
Of the herd that’s our history, our heritage unknown
In years to come when the money is all spent
The names of the fighters forgotten, their battle will be known!

It was not for empire they placed themselves in danger
It was not to force their culture on others against their will
It was to honour those who died here before us
As others will honour our corpses until
There is the Resurrection, however it will be
Be it the Pagan way, or the way that Christ told
Who is not the God that the corporates worship
They worship the false God… not Wicca, or Pagan…

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