Fifteen Minutes of Sunshine

Walk in the sun opposite Renmore
Walk in the sun opposite Renmore

Dedicated to the Dardis family on the passing of their father Tony, and to all families on that final journey with a loved one. Colin had written about wheeling him out in the sunshine some days back for the length of time his dad was able to enjoy it, and how great it was to have something so simple and a time so sweet and short to share…

Something we take for granted
As about lifes troubles we talk
We think of the good weather as of the bad
When in our busy lives we walk

But time in time will slow us
When the race of life is all but run
Time in time will show us
How to enjoy a mere fifteen minutes of sun.

If we are lucky in lifes misfortunes
Such a fifteen minutes with someone to share
Be thankful and remember that time
So short, so perfect, when you both were there…

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