Fairy Fort at Lough Gowna

The Fairy Fort in Derrycassin Wood in Longford
The Fairy Fort in Derrycassin Wood in Longford

Did they look as I walked
Where tradition states one never should,
Inside the round ditches of the fort,
Perched above Loch Gowna in Derrycassin Wood?
If they did, I hope they did not mind,
I hope my trespassing they did forgive,
I came to see, to walk, to enjoy,
Thanks to God for life to give…
Not in chants of preassembled words,
Conventional prayer that clergy say talk
To God as if He were here: no I pray
When among nature, His Creation where I walk
While walking, for those before
Though no prayer or Amens I said,
By walking I prayed for myself, for all,
Alive, or to be, or who are dead.
So… when I walked on their sacred place
I did not mean to trespass there
No: I came to say hello… goodbye…
For the folk of the fort to say a prayer!

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