Earth Gives Healing

In times before corporations
Shareholders and their greed
Earth gave healing to humankind
Harnessed by understanding, according to need.

From painkilling properties of bark of the willow tree
To the plants of the forest of the Amazon,
For every ill suffered by man
Are cure could be got from a plant for each one.

Shamans and druids, and wise folk
– The latter for their knowledge often burned! –
Scientists took this knowledge so common folk forgot
To the benefit of corporations it they turned.

But some folk still keep these traditions
Of a knowledge once widely known now repressed
Risk freedom and reputation
Of earth healing medicine now oppressed.

I have very mixed feelings of cannabis as a recreational drug, but for its pain reliving powers and its calming effect on the very ill it is invaluable. These people should not be oppressed for self medicating in ths freeway, that is effective and can save the state thousands in the process.

One such man was the late Michael Thatcher, of whom the film “The Iron Man” was recently launched at the OFFline Film Festival…

The Iron Man

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