Dreams Fled Away

Thomas Kinsella
Thomas Kinsella


Dreams fled away, this country bedroom, raw

– “Another September” (Kinsella)

Dreams, aye, dreams dreamt by dreamers have fled
And the dreamer to reality of the day, he has awoken
For Doom, who always in time on time himself he shows
And Destruction: its Wish it loudly has spoken
And Man, resists, and resists valiantly in vain
But at least to fight, though losing, puts up a token.

The shadows long: they still stalk the walls
As Autumn it slowly to cold winter turns
And the smoke, dark, as in times long past
Streams to the sky as a turf fire burns.
Like women: they no longer move
Justice, Truth, figures much the same
They seem to be but jesters now
And the people of the house part of their game.

The shadows pay not homage to those before
And the shadows mock all we have become
They mock those on whom they cast the Shadow
And they mock the hardships those are from
Yet man resists, and dreams of better days
When women were fierce and feared when scorned
They does the scorning today: Ladies, Justice and Truth
And by the fleeting light man was warned.

The dreams, they into the shadows have fled
And the nightmare continues when man is awake
As the home within which the seasons shadows cast their shapes
Others, who count coins, they threaten to take
Like the landlords of long before: the bankers today
Cast families on streets for the love of moneys sake.

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