Don’t Forget the Magic

The world, its wonders and promises false,
Drive us forward to distraction,
Seeking more than what we have,
Provocation causes reaction
In an unending cycle of strife and woe
Where peace we find it not,
We forget to enjoy what we have
Cannot be happy with what we have got.
The true reason not to chase Mammon
As told in the Bible, I think its tragic,
A lesson so simply told ignored:
Be happy with little, don’t forget the magic!!!

Don't forget the Magic

We don’t need all the attachments in life, we chase them too much to have status and status items in life we forget to be happy with what we have. While returning from a camping trip, a couple had a choice to make, stay in America and become part of the chase-it-all culture, or be happy and return to the life of touring they enjoyed before being married and the arrival of their baby. On passing a barn sign that stated: “Don’t forget the Magic”, they threw caution to the wind,  cut their cloth to their measure, and chased their dreams, as opposed to the false promises of Mammon (western capitalism)… is their blog if you’d like a look…

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