Donkey Innovation

The donkey of the whip was tired
Bringing its cart and load from A to B
A way out of its horrific life
It sought and could not see.

Its master, he would have its will
The journey would enjoy
The donkey beat, would work and sweat
Under the cruelty the owner did employ.

So one night beneath the stars
The donkey thought – dangerous thing for a donkey to do –
As the sun rose and the moon set
The donkey saw its world with eyes anew.

No more to the master will would it pull the cart
Being clever, and a donkey using its head
It would be stubborn, set its hooves in the dirt
Until allowed to push the cart instead.

So it was let, its owners bemused
Who whipped it more, till its load was brought and gone
The donkey, bore the pain getting its will
Perspired, more tired, laboured on.

The owner still the journey enjoyed
Thought the donkey a little bit odd
Loaded it more, whipped it more again
Cursed it to the saints and God.

I need a new donkey the farmer thought
I will bring this one to the fair
Told all of the trick it done of pushing the cart
No one wanted it there.

Home again, the sun set and moon rose again
The donkey to its fate resigned
Let slip a tear unseen in the driving rain
Brayed as if it did not mind…

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