Dogma Must Die

Immanuel Kant Dogma Must Die
The death of dogma is the birth of morality.
~ Immanuel Kant

Dogma, dogma, dogma… it must die
For it is not faith that makes men fight
But rather the belief, unerring
That they alone are right.
Its not enough to know God
Or to love him and say your prayers
But is how you say them, in the public eye
As you try to avoid disapproving stares…

Some men debate at length the dogma
Whether or not Jesus was divine
Or if or not original Sin
Was on your soul at birth and mine.
Fair enough if you want to debate
And agree to disagree
But the trouble starts when they suppress
Those they accuse of heresy.

For those who agree not like them
Preach a belief they think not true
And to keep people believing their version of truth
Create murder and terror they do.
Have no false Gods before me
The first commandment says
You can look at that commandment
In many different ways.

No man has the right to say what God wants
The Good Book it is a guide
For God, as YWEH is unmentionable, unknowable
So it is the sin of pride
To look down on another
If at ritual or prayers he is not the same
Each man finds his own way back to God
For life is but a flame

And the body a frail candle
That gives a blaze that is flickering, at its max
And the body a melting withering shell
As the candlestick of wax.
All men know God
A little … and that is why
None can say they speak for Him
So Dogma… it must Die!

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