Democracy or Meritocracy… that is the Question

Adolf Hitler on a train
Adolf Hitler on a train

As we reflect on the last century, we look with apprehension to the future as Donald Trump shows a lot of the same as what Hitler and Mussolini did in their time. What is worrying is not that Trump is like Hitler, but more like Mussolini, and the Hitler is yet to come, maybe from another land… this old poem of mine from 2009 is apt…

The brute, the brute, the savage brute
He thinks he knows and speaks the truth
Sends his country down a destructive route
When he casts his vote: that is democracy…

The fool, the fool, the ignorant fool
Wasted on him was education and school
As he elects his kind to rule
Democracy lets this be

Some say a meritocracy should
Rule where only the wise would
Rule and the fools never could
Rise to rule and ruin us all…

The truth of it I do not know
But that not so long ago
Merit in that theory Germany did show
When Hitlers pride led to death and war and his nations fall…

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