Dance of the Mayfly at Dromineer

The Mayfly swarm a few times a year depending on the species, however its from their time of emergence in may they have their name and reputation. I was in Dromineer during such an event, and it was quite a site to see…

They are dancing with the water
They are thick in the air
A dance of merriment, of life itself
Yet, a dance of death was there…

They danced on Lough Dergs waters
Dance to live before they die
For all we do, we are the same
Us mortal men, and them, they mayfly.

Sure, we dee the dawn, but the dance is the same
To see we are replaced
It shall be like we never were
That for dance of life had not a taste.

To be seen, with the zest of being
The one time that they appear
The Mayfly today had their day
On Dergs lapping waters, at Dromineer.

Dromineer - with my little boat in the foreground
Dromineer – with my little boat in the foreground

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