Daddy, Daughter and a Dead Rabbit

When is a Rabbit Not a Good Rabbit?
When is a Rabbit Not a Good Rabbit?

Daddy and daughter were driving
For the day along the road
When heading home they hit a bump:
Was it a rat or toad?

Daughter begged Daddy to stop,
See was there anything they could do
When they did his heart it sank
When daughter saw it was a bunny too.

Now daughter she loved bunnies
More than all the kittens of the world
Daddy knew daughter had a love for kittens
To describe there was no word.

Daughter started to cry – he knew she would
He felt a sense of shame
For daddy had a few pints and was driving fast
Daddy, Bad Daddy was to blame.

Sure when they got home, mammy saw the sobs
Where she expected smiles of joy
The tale was told of a dead rabbit
Daddy speeding, drinking, daddy a naughty boy!

“Its not a rabbit” said Daddy
“I think it was a hare”
“It was, I saw it” she answered
“And you killed it… so THERE!”

“If it was a rabbit, its only vermin,
Too many of them around
In every field and garden with crops
With their burrows under the ground”

“What makes them different than Fluffy?”
She asked, eyes pleading, she held a family pet in her cluthes
“Their wanted!” barked Dad “Now put it away
With Floppy back in their hutches”

The girl was confused and so in tears
As she bid her pets a fond goodnight
She told them how Daddy killed their cousins
Not to be scared if the family had a fight.

When somethings denied its not what it is
That is is whats denied will be proved
Then its worth will be derided by those who want to
As a threat to all to be removed.

It is the same with pet rabbits
As it is with the the unborn
Some think they can be disposed of
Depending are they in a cage or in the corn.

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