Cutting Old Burkes Roses

Galway City by the Sea - looking over the Westside
Galway City by the Sea – looking over the Westside

While out walking near Salthill a few days back, a man cutting roses from a bush outside a derelict house talked to me as I passed…

Saltair in the sunshine
Saltair in the rains
North coast to the west coast
The salt sea air remains…

To remind the Northman of the docklands
That home is where he is from
Home is where he breathes the salt sea air
To home he here has come.

“Did you know Old Burke at all?”
He asked me, the passer by…
“I did not, Im not from here,
Just out walking” was my reply…

We spoke a little of Tullamore
He knew some folk from there
Spoke of his love as a docker from the North
Of the sea and salty air…

From Shankill down to Salthill
From then right down to now
Life for a docksman is by the sea
As of Old Burkes Roses he cuts a bough

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