Crazed Beats Echo Into The Night

This verse I wrote some years back when living in Tullamore, hearing loud music and meeting an old disapproving couple that I looked on wryly while passing!

Crazed beats echo into the night
A couple passing shake their heads: say its not right
Crazy music, adored by crazy kids
Lets, keep moving… one to the other bids.

Once on TV, a dance I saw
A dance of emotion, wild and raw,
Strangely graceful, I must presume
I thought so because of age and contume.

Clothes worn by the dancers, shown in black and white
Dancing the Charleston somewhere one night
What now seems quaint because it is old
Was in its time both daring and bold.

Crazier music will come to be
The one tut tutting will be me
Remebering respectable nights spent
Dancing to Eminem and 50 cent!

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