Covfefe – If You Don’t Understand You Don’t Matter

Not since Spike Milligans nonsense verse, or James Joyce idiosyncratic language in Finnegans wake, has one persons twist on the English language invented so many new words. Most, such as “bigly”, we get their meaning, but some, such as the kerfuffle raised over “covfefe” defy analysis… with as many opinions as people talkin about it… and this is my satirical take on it!!!

Donald Trumps Covfefe Tweet defies translation... not a conland, not a dialect, not even Carty English can desipher its meaning...
Donald Trumps Covfefe Tweet defies translation… not a conlang, not a dialect, not even Carty English can decipher its meaning…

Covfefe is a baffling word
To other folk it seems
Covfefe means to those who think
What they think it means.

Covfefe is understood by those who matter
If understand it you dont
Then you dont matter
You never did or wont.

Covfefe is a plain word
That to those who understand reacts
Its like fake news, or double speak
Or plain old alternative facts.

If the facts dont fit, make them up
Your the President, its what you do…
If the words dont fit what you want to say
Sure, you just make them up too!

Its not a language or a dialect word
But unique to one man
Idiolect is the term linguists use…
Analyze that if you can…

Idiolect – the unique language used by an individual
Of its on uniquities and its own rule:
The cynics say idiolect is speech of a idiot…
A buffoon and a fool!!!

But Trump just keep the plates of the economy spinning,
For that is all that matters
The covfefe and kerfuffles
Keeps the twitterati in covfefic chatters!!!!

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