Covered Nipples Reveal Truth

Genesis: Creation of Eve; marble relief on the left pier of the façade of the cathedral; Orvieto, Italy. Copyright Georges Jansoone 2008; source: wikipedia.

“The Creation of Eve”: A marble relief on the left pier of the façade of the cathedral in Orvieto, Italy. © Georges Jansoone 2008 (Source: Wikimedia Commons).  This image illustrates a traditional interpretation of Genesis 2:21-22.

Im a big supporter of the #freethenipple movement, and of the “breast is best”, as whats natural is good for mankind. We must stop the taboos which show what is being a woman is something to be hidden in shame.

In the book “Why Men Have Nipples” I first came across the notion that on conception all are female, and then switch to male after about 6-8 weeks. Some say the fetus is non-sexual and after 8 weeks turns either male or female, but I think not.

Body and mind both must change, and when they dont, gay people happen.

Thats how natural what has been oppressed for the last few thousand years is, and why free for all abortion is so deadly, that if it can be figured out in the unborn are they gay, they can be selectively aborted.

Thats not equality.

Pussy Riot in a #freethenipple posePussy Riot in a #freethenipple pose

Man it was believed in the image of God was made
Woman from his rib created, the story is told…
Either God is a woman, we tell to the listeners dismayed
At the attempts of a non scientist to speak so bold
Or we are not of Gods image made, but of woman instead
For the fetus template is female, we tell those who of the thought scorn
Its proved by science, by logic and reason,
It explains why men with nipples are born.

Some time after conception, as if a switch tripped
The fetus / zygote turns male, both body and mind
But if the mind does not change when the switch flipped
When the male child matures, his sexuality as gay he shall find.
Should the mind change, but the body female remain
A lesbian she will find herself, when of her sexuality aware
Thats nature, understood only now, so simple to explain
Its all natural what the un-understanding dismiss as being “quare”

This weird world that normal in conceptions calls
That has issues wiuth female nipples in public be seen
Its charade and shade of sense soon falls
Displayed for all the charlatans they have been.
Why hide nipples, that function as nipples are supposed to do
As designed, when the young from their mother do feed
Yet the immature of men, redundant are acceptable in full view
Biological hangovers for which they have no need?

So the next time you see a censored nipple on a page
Or on a screen, or covered in embarrassment on a beach
Let their covering cause for you embarrassment and rage
Le you those who find female nipples objectionable teach
In a few simple lines how once women we all were it regales
But for a mystical switch triggered by DNA we don’t understand we’d still be to boot
Nipples are natural, beautiful, should be freed from stigma, just like a males
How God made man, how Gay people happen, in these few lines is the truth!


Gerard M. Dileo:
it may be said that we all began as both men and women (embryonically), then we all began as women (biochemically), and then some of us go on as men.

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