Coffin Ships of the Modern Age

Its just news, another raft or ship
Upended, people struggling drowning
Bodies, lined up on the shore
Other unknown, uncared, unaccounted for.

God, Allah, call Him what you will
Knows each, and knows all,
They will be at paradise when we are turned away
Us who as “compassionate” ourselves we call…

Where are the marches for the 700
That’s the numbers lost this time
Its not a war that Israel can be blamed for
We all are guilty of this crime!

We delivered freedom, deposed despots
Knowing it all, we toppled regimes
Freedom for what, for who, and when?
All we brought was poverty and broken dreams…

People seek to escape, barques of doom
Mediterranean waters the tragic stage
The Irish look on silent, who once were the victims
Of the coffin ships of the modern age.

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