Chapbook Collected – its off to Body and Soul we go!

Get it from Kindle – save the paper and the planet!
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Just picked up the chapbook “Ommmmmm” from iSupply ( ) in Galway, who did an excellent job on a short time frame from a very demanding and impatient client… copies on sale at Body & Soul for €3.00 from yours truly – hoping to do a guerrilla launch there too…

Its a mere 16 pages (13 of poetry, as cover, contents and rear dont count!!!) and is perfect in every detail, bar if you got poor eyesight bring a magnifying glass. Its my fault, the print is small!

Now, those familiar with me from online know I put the address on all posts… on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Guess where I forgot to put it? Thats right, on the chapbook, so tonight in work Ive to hatch a scheme to print ans staple in some sort of bookmark with the web address on it!

For those who don’t want a physical copy, you can get from Kindle at the link above…

The title poem of the collection is here

It features the by now infamous “Long May Horses Shit the Streets” (instagram image above!) and “The Saving of Mankind“, all of which I will be reading time permitting at Body & Soul on Saturday at 16:40 in The Bulmers Lounge

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