Celts Fear Not the Worlds End

Some folk fear the end of times
Us Celts – of it we do not fear
Symbols are what we say they are
As we desire them, they appear.

Life: from one plane to another
From spirit, to soul, then to death
We join the world on ancestors
To be joined by those unborn yet.

The knot, infinity is called
By those who its meaning don’t know
Time is not a constraint, a fence…
But mere measurement to show

Who we are, where we’ve been, and then
Who we will be cloaked by deaths veil
Beliefs clouded by new faiths and none
To vanquish the old try and fail.

There is a lack of both creations and end of times stories among the Celtic nations, and a belief in reincarnation for brave warriors, though fate of common folk is unknown by and large. The concept of an need of the world as in Armegeddon or the fall of the Tree of Life that holds up the sky as in Germanic belief is absent among traditions of the Celtic peoples.

The current scares of the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender, the newly discovered “”rogue planet””, the Noribu and Planet X conspiracies have no parallel in Celtic thinking, and come instead from Millennialist thinking from the Juedo-Christian tradition.

Anyone with information to the contrary are invited to contact me with details of same.

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