Carty’s Last Supper

They gathered around the table, and looked upon the fare,
It looked alright in the darkened light to all assembled there,
There was sausages and ham sandwiches, dressed up in mayonnaise,
Which hid the fact and the taste that the meat had seen better days.
It had been stored on the table, and was a little old,
And although they days and nights were, the room was far from cold,
The mice had had a nibble, and the flies had feasted in glee…
But mayonnaise is great sauce, and none of that anyone could see…

Another Last Supper
Another Last Supper

They said it was like another crucifixion, the toilet was Golgotha for them,
They threw up bile and vomit, and then some blood and phlegm,
They were firing our from all ends, missed the basins, hit the walls,
Destroyed the bathrooms and the toilets, oh, to hear the moans and bawls.
That he was dodgy to arrange the feast, some of the others had a hunch,
Never again they decreed, would they get him to arrange for the club the lunch…
It was worse than alcoholic poisoning, to present such as food was a crime,
But all agreed it was a mighty feed, and tasted fantastic at the time!!!

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