Carol for Christmas for Our Times

It was the greatest love for earth that God has ever shown
It was the greatest love unknowing that mankind has ever known

The awaited Christ child was born in Bethlehem to a girl of fifteen years
In a humble manger, within a stable, over which a star appears

No room found among Josephs people, we are told in the story as “the inn”
As cruel pride closed and hardened their hearts, a single mother not welcome within

Two thousand years had passed nearly, still all knowing mankind still has not learned
The message of love and humility, this was a lesson God so yearned

Mankind to learn that no birth is sinful, in no birth at all is there shame
Even borne to another than the mothers man, for that’s how Jesus came

Once upon a time in an Irish town, a girl walked her own Calvary
Through a village of Josephs people where all with eyes looking yet none could see

A mere child was with child, we know not as she walked that hill if she shed tears
Or held them back from all with a quiet dignity, this child of Mary’s years

To seek solace in the grotto neath the church on the Moate she went alone
Lay down to give birth to her son, no manger to lay him in, on cold stone,

He died not on a cross between two thieves, but in her arms, there he died
In the space of a few hours a modern day Christ was born there, and crucified

No cattle’s breath to warm him, no wise men arrived with gifts for him to bear
His mother sought solace from the Virgin Mary, why by grace led her there

We know not did she pray, or did she curse God and the world and all
If she did, God understood, as good as any prayer this He would call

The consequences of mankinds closed minds and pride and gossiping tongues
Its as if the Pharissees again upon the cross Christ again was hung

Josephs people live among us, they run to church and pray
Look down on single mothers, being ignorant to this very day.


Joseph’s people: The story of the inn in the bible is a version of the story, the original being that Joseph and Mary went to family who on seeing she was with child and knowing they were not married politley said there was no room. To this day people look down on single mothers, and a lot who choose abortion do it to hide family shame, a shame caused by an element who call themselves pro life, but are in fact the cause of more abortions than they realise.

Apologists take this analysis and turn it to ensure this aspect is hidden, pointing out hospitality tradition would never be broken – one example is here but careful reading and understanding that Jewish taboos and modern day Christian taboos are much the same thing, and the story of how Jospeh was not the father but was standing by Mary would not have got a good reception from his relatives, no more than it would have in small town Ireland in the last few decades.

Jewish taboos and traditions on sex within and without of marraige can be read here >>>

Church at Christmas

For all that is wrong with the world, that thinking at last is changing, and while some despair at free love and promiscuity, there is more Christian thinking now among the youth then there ever was in the lat 2000 years.

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