Card Castle of Pride

We know it is forbidden – the sin of pride
But can we love ourselves if we dont have pride?

For we are but nothing if ourselves we cant have
In who we are and what we do some pride

Of who we are and where we are from we must
To be human, be not afraid to have pride

But let it not to excess define us
That we as man are a being of pride

For love of ones own, when taken to extreme
Can cause us to make another cower neath our pride

Words said to boost our esteem as men
Or as nations, with too much pride

Cause is to kill others we do not find worthy
Of mercy, life, recognition, then sinful is pride

But when it is just to love ourselves as much as others
There is no harm, it is good, a little pride.

For to have none at all is to say we are perfect
We build for ourselves a House of Cards of Pride!

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