Butterfly – She Flitted And Settled On Another Plant

Butterfly - she has flown...Butterfly long flown, now settled
Tears I fight, happy her flight
Brought her to this – tears of loss
That is my own, blame also!

He who stays silent of his love
Shall live to see another win hers
And rue his silence.

But it is a day to be happy!
For to love truly is to be happy –
At the happiness of those you adored…
And move on… two lives, two roads to be walked
Till we all return to the dust from whence we came.

The source of the “Lady of the Sweetest Smile” poems, a lady I loved who unbeknownst to herself has been something of a muse for me, has recently married another. As all true lovers should, I wish her and her new man well, and rue the wish that she who I dubbed “Butterfly” to myself, shall not have a fool such as I as father of her caterpillars!!! lol ;-D

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