Brendan Bowyer Rocks Tullamore with aid of Tullamore Rhymers

Tullamore Rhymers Club poster with Brendan Bowyer
Tullamore Rhymers Club poster with Brendan Bowyer

When one thinks of Brendan Bowyer, they think of the Showbands, and not of the current music scene, and with that thinking they would be far far wrong, as the now 76 year old performer rocked Tullamore at the Bridge House tonight, hi show being opened up by the Tullamore Rhymers Club, including yours truly.

His daughter Aisling was singing backing vocals, duets and in support, who has her own show in Las Vagas, where Brendan done cabaret for five years straight, being watched by none other than Elvis Presley, with whom he shared an arrangement of a song that the King himself recorded. Now, that is some legacy.

His daughter, a classical singer who does contemporary songs as well, is a joy to behold, and a lovely girl (to quote Fr Ted!) to chat with as well, as I did after the show. She alas missed our readings in the opening 15 odd minutes, but maybe she will catch us another time. It is in classical music her voice comes into its own, as my late father would have said: “You’d stand in snow to listen to her”.

While the crowd rocked by the Bowyer show was more rocking chairs than rocking cradles (and there there was the latter it was more often than not those of grandchildren if not great grandchildren than their own children!!!) it was great to see, as thank fully we often do, the retired and middle aged having the times of their lives with the enthusiasm of youngsters a third of their years.

It was all kicked off by the Tullamore Rhymers, Anthony Sullivan, Richard Brennan, Ken Hume, James Delaney and yours truly, who read “The Long Acre” and also “The Silent Diner“. The latter got a great reception especially when I told the crowd the restaurant in question was most definitely NOT the Bridge House Hotel where the gig was held!

Tullamore Rhymers Club before curtain up at Brendan Bowyer gig
Tullamore Rhymers Club before curtain up at Brendan Bowyer gig


“You Give Me a Mountain”, the song of another artist that Elvis recorded after hearing Brendan Bowyers arrangement of it…
* Article on Brendan Bowyer in the Irish Independent

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