Bones in the Sun

I was at a remembrance service for April 8th, a decade or more ago, – the commemorative day for victims of the Porajmos, the Roma in the Holocaust, and at the presentation speech the vicar of St. James in Piccadilly quoted Hitler wen crossed about the consequences of the holocaust: he queried as to “who remembers the Armenians?”… let us state proud and loud: “We do!”

Victims of the Genocide of the Armenians by forces of the Ottoman Empire
Victims of the Genocide of the Armenians by forces of the Ottoman Empire

Only dust now they are
The dust to which we will all return
In our time, when it is up
Under the desert sun they burn
Bleached white, some are from skulls
More from legs or arms
Some were rich and more were poor
Townspeople, and more from farms…

Murdered, but its not genocide
To mention it it is a crime
No, not victims of Nazi Germany
These are from another time
These are victims of the Turks
And their Islamic allies, the Kurds
Victims of a massacre
That causes me to fail to find words…

Killed by starvation and marching
Not for them the decency of gas
Save a lucky few killed in a cave
All died and buried without a mass
When Hitler was asked about reaction
To the holocaust and those who died
“”Who remembers the Armenians””
Were the words with which he replied…

And in today, our age of reason
I fail to understand how
We tolerate the affront of Turkey
And to deny we allow
This genocide of the Armenians
In the year 1915
Had it not occured, was stopped
The Holocaust might not have been…

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