Blog – Savita, a Tragedy of Errors and the Abortion Issue

The Savita case is a tragedy of errors that ought never have happened, and while no-one has been blamed as responsible as such – nothing new there – it is clear that free for all abortion would not solve the issue, and is a separate issue that cannot be used to argue for or against the abortion.

Why was a section not done? The mothers life would have been saved, though the baby probably would have died, it would be natural, not killed with intent in the womb as in abortion.
Why was a section not done? The mothers life would have been saved, though the baby probably would have died, it would be natural, not killed with intent in the womb as in abortion. Abortion is not the answer, section to remove the baby premature even though it may not be able to survive was the proper solution.

Abortion itself is a very complex issue, no matter now either the pro-life or pro-choice campaigns try to say that it is not!

I myself am pro-life, though in the case of Savita, common sense states the baby should have been removed, even though all sides must acknowledge it was no guarantee to save her life, not doing so was guaranteed to cost her her life.

To say as Ireland is a Catholic country that it was not possible was not only against church teaching, but idiotic in itself, as I outlined in my verse “The Shepherd, The Wolf, The Ewe and the Lamb“.

May she rest in peace, and if nothing else was achieved out of her tragic death, it made folk think outside their traditional thinking, and to if like me they still think as they did, do so for a reasoned as opposed to a learned opinion, and Ireland had the most secular and common sense debate on the issue, with a possible referendum on the issue in 2014.

While a major critic of Enda Kenny and the current coalition, I think his cool head handling – in the face of the extremes of both camps within both of the coalition parties – was second to none.

Enda KennyFor him, it may prove to have been his finest hour – and I don’t say that lightly!!! – and Id shudder to think how Michael Martin would have tried to wiggle out of it and make it worse if he were Taoiseach!!!

While we await the full reaction from her husband to the recent report from the HSE to the case, it will be understandable that no-one being held to account on the issue will provoke both fury from him, and a political football for the pro-choice side of the debate. And they will kick it!!!

As a writer, one writes about what moves them, about how they see the worlds wrongs, and about how they think the the world should be.

The life issue is one I have written on at length  and I remain opposed to free for all abortion – especially as a method of contraception – but in cases where the mothers life is in danger she must at all costs be saved. In cases of rape, it is understandable, and though I cant say I would approve, it should be the mothers choice. In the so-called suicide argument (the basis of the UK’s law, and going by its abortion rates it must have the highest level of mental illness on earth! And that does nothing to assist folk with genuine mental health issues) Id be against it as a form of therapy. as the condition would still be there after, with the added regret / guilt at the abortion which may make the condition worse.

Feminisms thinking on the issue is based on 100 years ago where there was no welfare, contraception, or rights for women in marriage and they were baby factories.

Today we have all three, to the extent where proper and right the legal status of rape within marriage in recognised and punished.

So the heretofor plausible reasons for abortion have been addressed. My poem “From the Womb She Speaks” outlines how I see the abortion issue does not address women’s rights and if anything makes the worse, as sex selection abortion makes all abortions more female than male globally.

Handling of the Savita case may yet – and I dont say this lightly – prove to be his – Enda Kennys – finest hour…

The even worse thinking that humans are a force against the planet peddled by the green movement ( given a Swiftesque satire here!!! )and the allied nihilist thinking that the population needs to be controlled and we cant feed all, which has given fruit in China’s one child policy, is only trumped by the pressure capitalist countries put on mothers not to be out on maternity and put their careers first.

In “It, Not I“, the non personification of the fetus is explored and explained as I, the writer see it.

A a writer, you never hope or expect to change anothers point of view, but to show them the world through anothers eyes, as in your eyes, the writers, and this I hope I have done in this and other issues!!!

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